Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk Assessments

Introducing CLAiR

Your eye is connected to blood vessels that feed your heart

  • It is the only external part of the body where we can see the blood vessels that also feed the heart

We can assess CVD risk factors in your eye

  • It’s important to understand your risk level for having a cardiovascular event
  • Using AI we can see all the major CVD risk factors in your eye image.

Low cost, non invasive, immediate & accessible

  • CLAiR gives an immediate result
  • It is much more cost effective than CVD risk calculations today
  • It is non invasive and involves no radiation

CLAiR is not considered a medical device and should not replace professional healthcare advice.

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Ask us about CLAiR

    Dr. Ehsan Vaghefi, CEO

    Meet THEIA

    Eye Disease Screening AI Platform

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