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Introducing THEIA

No eye disease missed

  • Diabetic Retinopathy, AMD, Cataract. Clinically validated
  • Glaucoma and corneal diseases of the eye in late development
  • Earliest possible detection allows earliest possible treatment

Accurately detects eye diseases

  • Detects Diabetic Retinopathy and Maculopathy
  • Trained to recognize clinical changes down to the pixel level
  • Clinically proven and validated – Over 98% sensitive and 95% specific
  • Diagnosis graded to the Specialist level

Providing Access to Eye Screening

  • THEIA is able to be operated by healthcare providers
  • Requires only a 4G internet connection
  • Used in all healthcare settings such as Pharmacy, Primary Care and Optical Outlets
  • Already operating in remote conditions
  • Earliest possible detection allows earliest possible treatment

Has the technical capability to work with images from any fundus camera*

  • Releases the full effectiveness of Fundus Cameras
  • Tested on more than 20 fundus cameras
  • Over 99% imageability ensuring lower rate of image capture repeats
*THEIA may support different fundus cameras in each market; please contact Toku Eyes for more information on supported fundus cameras

Integrates with existing patient health record management (EHR) systems

  • Can increase patient access and Healthcare Professional efficiency
  • Disease prognosis via patient-specific disease progression risk calculator
THEIA is registered as a medical device in New Zealand & Toku Eyes is currently working on getting it cleared for sale in additional markets.

How THEIA works

Our Unique Ai Platform Design

Patient arrives at their regular optometrist or GP’s office

A THEIATM technician takes the patients retinal photographs

Patients retinal photographs are uploaded to the cloud

Over 25 AI check parameters are performed in 10 seconds

If patient is to be discharged, a patient-tailored re-screening time is booked

If patient is to be referred, an automatic referral is created and shared with their eye specialist or GP

Toku Eyes Application Demonstration

Who is it for?

GPs, Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Diabetologists, Cardiologists, Pharmacists and anyone involved in health screening

  • Clinic, clinician and camera agnostic.
  • Improved access to diagnosis and personalised treatment plans.
  • Added service and revenue models with increased capacity.

Commercial and Clinical Research Groups

  • An established platform for fast research outputs.
  • Capability to analyse vast datasets.

Optical imaging Companies and specialist software Providers

  • Cloud-based, easily scalable platform.
  • Able to integrate with most systems and device software.

Clinically Validated

Each capability of THEIA is clinically validated retrospectively and prospectively. THEIA is validated locally, when entering a new market.

NOTE: THEIA has not yet been cleared for sale in any region.

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