Toku’s BioAge leverages AI-powered algorithms and retinal photography to estimate our biological age, helping individuals take charge of their overall health.

What are the benefits of knowing our BioAge?

Every person has two ages: our chronological age (how old you are) and our biological age. Our biological age (or BioAge) is a measure of how well our cells, tissues and organs are aging.

There may be a difference between our chronological age and our biological age. By knowing our BioAge earlier, we can make conscious health choices to improve our health. Unlike our chronological age, our BioAge is not fixed.

There is strong evidence that simple lifestyle interventions, such as losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier or stopping smoking, can have a significant difference on one’s biological age.

By taking the BioAge test, you can find out:

  • The age your body is functioning at
  • How your health compares to others like you
  • General recommendations for how to improve health and potentially knock years off your BioAge
  • The level of exposure to smoking in your eyes

How BioAge works
To determine a person’s BioAge, we start by photographing the blood vessels in the back of the eyes.
The eye is the only place in the body where scientists and clinicians can directly visualize blood vessels in action.
These are the same blood vessels that link to the heart and the brain.

Step 1

To do the test, only images of the retina are required, as well as a few details such as age, gender, and ethnicity.

Step 2

The retinal images are then run through our AI engine and deep learning technology to determine the BioAge.

Step 3

Results are generated providing the biological age, health risk levels and potential recommendations. Clinicians can view results in PDF format while individuals can access them via our online portal

What Makes Our Technology so Unique?
When we look at your eye image, we can see features that contribute to the aging of a person’s body. Our robust AI engine can see so much more.

Fundus image of a middle-aged individual with diabetes

1. Blood Vessels

Provides an estimate of your cardiovascular health

2. Nerve

Provides insight to your neurological health

3. Macula

Helps estimate your rate of aging and inflammatory health

4. Image Clarity

Provides insight to the rate at which your lens is aging

We use artificial intelligence (AI) which involves using super-computers to recognize patterns, classify, analyze and draw predictions from data.

The photo of the eye is passed through our AI engine which has learnt patterns from images from over 500,000 eye images (and still counting!) to recognize the various features of eye health through photographs of the eye.

Analysis is performed at speeds beyond human capability, plus can recognize features a human may not be able to perceive.

Our multidisciplinary team with scientific, clinical, engineering and regulatory backgrounds are continuously working on our technology, to allow clinical staff to better serve their patients.

For more information about our scientific research, see our publications here.

Our AI Engine is Continually Learning

eye images and still counting!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • BioAge is a test that uses AI software technology on images of your retina (the back of your eye) to determine your biological age.

  • The BioAge software has no associated risks. As part of the BioAge process, you will need to have eye images taken using a fundus camera. In most cases there is only a quick flash when the image is captured, similar to a regular camera, and this does not cause any effects, except in very rare circumstances. Your technician will be able to discuss any risks associated with retinal imaging with you.

  • BioAge has only been designed for people between the ages of 40 to 75. Currently, BioAge is not designed for individuals with visual impairment, congenital eye disease, history of significant ocular trauma or those who are pregnant.

  • The test is recommended to be done yearly to track your progress.

  • This test is not available yet, but will be available at selected optometrists. Check this page for future updates.

  • The BioAge test has been designed to be a cost-effective, quick way of finding out your biological age. Currently, the test is not available. Check this page for future updates.

  • Our biological age refers to how well the cells in our body are aging and how they are functioning. So it is a quick and easy metric to understand and track our overall health and make conscious health choices.

  • The higher BioAge is an indication that your body would benefit from healthier lifestyle choices. Your BioAge report will explain achievable and actionable steps to help you lower your biological age, so you can prevent chronic disease.

*BioAge has varying regulatory statuses depending on the region and is not yet cleared for sale in all markets.

Please contact our support for more information and availability in your market.

In some markets, regulatory approval may be granted to Toku Eyes Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toku Inc, for the sale of our products.

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