42PLUS1 US Satellite Award

42PLUS1 US Satellite Award

42PLUS1 US Satellite Award 768 512 Toku Eyes

Happy to announce the winner of the 42PLUS1 US Satellite Award! Congratulations Toku Eyes! 🚀🚀🚀

What a great innovation you shared at the DxPx Conference stage about the artificial intelligence (AI) engine THEIA of Toku Eyes and how it has grown since its inception in 2018 seeking to address cardiovascular & ocular disease manifest in the fundus.

Thank you for sharing your mission with everyone – to eliminate preventable health & vision deterioration, & have no relevant disease missed during consultation.

We are glad to have you as the wildcard to the 42PLUS1 Grand Finale happening at the DxPx EU on November 16th in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Visit https://hubs.ly/Q01hRSkD0 to discover more about their technology and vision.

To learn more about 42PLUS1, visit our website at https://hubs.ly/Q01hRVjW0 #diagnostics #digitalhealth #lifescience #precisionmedicine #42plus1

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